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Nose Fillers

This non-surgical lunchtime nose job is an ideal treatment to create a sharper nose using the latest natural dermal fillers derived from hyaluronic acid. Nose Fillers have been around for many years and its rise in popularity is largely attributed to a few key factors:
(1) its little to no downtime as it is non-surgical
(2) the instant nose bridge augmentation results
(3) reversibility (you can dissolve the fillers away if you don’t like the results).

A nose that is considered ‘ideal’ is one which is harmonious with the other favorable facial features. At MMG Clinic, our perception of beauty helps define what makes an ideal shape for a female or male nose. There is also always a bit of an artistic element to this, thus the ideal cannot always be boiled down to simple lines and numbers alone. However, artists and plastic surgeons alike can devise some guidelines or proportions that represent the aesthetic ideal by studying beauty and faces that are universally thought to be beautiful.
Artists have long made studies of beauty and aesthetic proportions and, today, facial plastic surgeons must similarly understand beauty in order to make changes that can enhance their patients’ beauty.
Just a few years ago, if you wanted a new nose – smaller, straighter, smoother – you could either a.) have a rhinoplasty or b.) that’s it. You had no other options. But with the rise of injectable fillers came an innovative technique capable of transforming your entire profile in under 15 minutes: the non-surgical nose job. Working with the same hyaluronic acid gels used for lips and cheeks, a doctor can correct curves, bumps, and lumps, making your nose appear smaller (even though it’s technically getting bigger). At SW1 Clinic, we help you decide on whether nose fillers in Singapore is right for you.


Step 1 – MMG Clinic doctors will carefully assess your nose and mark out the treated area. This is crucial to attaining an optimal result.
Step 2 – We apply a topical numbing cream to the area. In some cases, a small local anaesthetic is used. This will make the treated area numb.
Step 3 – The fillers are carefully placed by small injections to the area.
You are done! Congratulations on your new nose!


Not all dermal fillers are made the same. Similarly, not all are FDA approved or have undergone stringent safety testing. This accounts for the differences in end result, safety profile and ultimately the price. Furthermore, even fillers within the same range can have different particle sizes and properties, some fillers are softer and suitable for creating a softer contour or filling up hollows, others are hydrophilic (attracts water) and are suitable for creating a dewy complexion effect. Nose fillers require a special type of filler that has a higher G-prime and can hold up the shape and structure without spreading outwards. If a wrong filler is used, you may end up having a different end effect, for example, widening of the nose bridge instead of a lifting effect. At MMG Clinic, we only use FDA approved fillers from many ranges such as RESTYLANE and PERFECTA . This allows us the capacity to select the ideal filler to suit your nose type and desired end result assuring with no nose fillers side effects. In certain cases (for example if you have a crooked nose as well as a bump), a combination of different fillers may be used to give you the optimal result. That is why we always recommend that you give our doctors the opportunity to speak to you to understand your needs and to assess your nose before proceeding to treatment.


In general, nose tip fillers have less downtime than other nasal aesthetic procedures such as rhinoplasty and threadlifts. However as with all injections, pin-pricks may be visible and in some cases, there may be temporary and localized bruising which can be covered with makeup, before they resolve by themselves in a few days. There may be slight swelling for 24 hours, this may not be very noticeable to others but yourself. Once your swelling subsides, you should be able to fully appreciate the effect of your nose fillers.


To minimize your chances of bruising and swelling, we ask that you avoid taking aspirin, NSAIDs, vitamin E, gingko and alcohol for 24 hours before and after your procedure. You should also avoid wearing glasses after the procedure as they may sit on your nose bridge which is recently treated. You should be gentle while washing and caring for your face and keep your skin and the treated area clean at all times. If you are worried about bruising, you may get Anti bruise cream and tablets from omg Clinic which may help minimize your risk and help speed up the recovery from any bruising. If you do experience bruising, you may also request for a session PDT – BLUE LIGHT over the bruised area at MMG Clinic; this anti-bruise laser helps to speed up the alleviation and recovery of the bruise, and is a nifty arsenal for my of our fashionistas on a tight social schedule. You may also avail our effective anti bruise cream that you can apply on the affected area 2x a day Otherwise, you need to know that bruising while rare is normal and will recover on its own even without any intervention. It will not affect the final outcome of your results.